A creative & cultural incubator located in Austin, TX. Dedicated to the production of works of the African American Community and Austin at large, we are happy to announce our return!

Pro Arts Austin is returning, after a year since it’s last production, The Tired Eyes, this Winter!

We’re looking for volunteers in various fields as we schedule events, venues, and shows for Austin. Contact michael.barter@proartsaustin.org for further information.

We have multiple sponsors in the Austin area, but we need more to continue creating high-quality events. We owe much to the companies below, and hope we can continue to put on valuable, educational shows for Austin.

AT&T is the leading provider in cellular phone service in Austin, providing nation-wide coverage and serving over 5.7 million customers!

Check Maid’s maid service in Austin provides high quality home cleanings at affordable rates.

We also great thanks to Austin Community College, Wells Fargo Austin, and our friends and family around the greater Austin area! You know who you are!

We can’t wait to get back to the business of show business! Pro Arts Austin is back.