Being a DJ is not a hobby but a profession. It is something that should be learned through years of training and practice in order to be mastered. The job of being a DJ is very crucial for they are the ones who are called “The Life of the Party.” Without them, clubs, bars or parties are meaningless. They are the most important parts in a celebration or the club for they are the ones who are providing the entertainment that everyone needs in order to have a great time. The question now is: Why should someone become a DJ? Out of all the professions there is, why a DJ? Can it be considered as a job?

A DJ or also known as Disc Jockey is a person who controls the music in a club or celebration in order to keep the people going especially on parties. Why should someone become a DJ? If you love music and of course the nightlife, you should try out for this profession. Being a DJ is not just about knowing the do and don’ts of it, it is also an art, a way of life and a form of expression for the DJs. Just imagine the benefits that it can bring to you: You can be a well-renowned DJ in the future, the awe-factor that it will bring, the parties, and not to mention the party boys and girls dancing to your wonderful beats. But the question is: Do you have what it takes to be a DJ?

Out of all the professions there is, why a DJ? A better question would be “Why not?” Come on! Look at all the benefits that it can bring to you. Not to mention the popularity it can bring once your beats are known by other professional DJs out there. Though it requires not just weeks but years of training, it will be a guaranteed fun in your part. Although it can be very costly during the whole course because you have to rent your own system when working (which most clubs provide), you need to buy your own turntables, tables and other equipment in order to get started with the basics of the job. Not to mention you want to add some more plug-ins and sound enhancers for better sound quality, but if you are just starting to learn the art of it, just the basic equipment are enough for you to get started.

Learning the art of creating good mixes of music is really crucial. You need to have the perfect sense for music in order to make good mash-ups or remixes of songs. It’s not like a financial job in the credit repair field or construction job where it’s all mechanized and orderly. It’s not just about throwing each song and mixing it like it’s a blender. You always have to make sure that the people will love and dance into it. You also need to be aware of the latest tunes in order to be up-to-date with what’s the next big thing in the music world so you can make the latest tunes out of it.

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When it comes to earning, it is not that bad but as you become widely known in your profession, there is also a need for you to upgrade your equipment. Of course, you have to use your salary as a DJ in order to buy those paraphernalia that you need to make your DJ duties to level-up. Although most people take this job only as part-time, it is also a great idea to have a more stable job in order to earn more money and to support all your needs as well. Because as you know, not all clubs have the same DJ over and over again. They look for variations in terms of spinning the tunes so they are looking for different DJs every time they open up their clubs. So most of the time, DJs are only working part-time and for bookings only.

As a DJ, you also need to learn some lingos that other DJs use. Those terms include BPM (Beats per Minute), Backspin, Scratching and others. You need to be able to mingle with other DJs using these lingos in order to stay cool and as well as keep up with the latest trends in your profession. You also need to learn the art of scratching which is really popular in clubs playing hip-hop tracks. It is when you move the record back and forth in order to create a scratching sound that everyone loves.

Is being a DJ considered as a job? Of course it is. Though most of it is for part-time it is still considered a job because you are still working in order to earn money. And just imagine the importance of DJs in parties and clubs, they provide the energy and life to the party so they are really important in those occasions. Just imagine the stress and pressure that the people brings into them, you cannot see that in the face of the DJ because they are just enjoying what they do and their main goal is to provide entertainment for the people and enjoy themselves as well so hats off to all DJs out there!

As long as you enjoy what you are doing, there is no problem at all. Before you engage in a certain profession, make sure that you are skilful enough and know the basics of it before you try it out. Try to see what you are good at first before thinking of trying it out for yourself. Remember that every profession requires a rigorous training, hard work, patience and perseverance in order to become successful and achieve something. Learn to start from the basics because that’s where you’ll learn everything from setting up to grinding out the beats by yourself. Although some people regret having this as a job, just remember that if you are having fun , there is nothing wrong with it and as long as you’re not stepping on other people, everything will be all good. You should also be thankful to your Creator for giving you that talent that only a few people have.